Hollywood's Complicated Relationship with Guns


Following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Hollywood has been taking a more critical look at the use of violence in film.

Many stars, including the cast of Jack Reacher, admit that violence in film is prevalent, but they do their best not to glorify violence by showing the brutality as well as the consequences of those actions.

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"Interestingly, Jack Reacher, our hero, is capable of great violence, but he's a protector of the innocents and he's a seeker after justice," Rosamund Pike told ET in a recent interview. "He's an unarmed man and when he does get armed it's because he's taken a weapon out of the hands of a bad guy."

Paramount has re-edited some of the film's more violent scenes before its Friday opening.

Matt Belloni of The Hollywood Reporter points to video games as another medium that exposes youngsters to violence, but he acknowledges that they don't necessarily make users more destructive.

"Are video games making people more violent, or are they just unlocking things that are already in these people," Belloni said.

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