Meet Lindsay Lohan's Legal Guardian Angel


Shawn Chapman Holley has risen from an L.A. County public defender to become one of the most popular celebrity attorneys in Hollywood, representing the likes of Mike Tyson, Paris Hilton and (most famously) Lindsay Lohan.

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As one might imagine, Lohan has kept Holley very busy over the years, but the attorney claims that the challenges involved in her client's cases aren't entirely LiLo's fault.

"Lindsay's cases are hard because they are scrutinized very harshly," says Holley, who has become something of a mother figure to the young actress that she has represented on and off since 2009. "I think that there are things that she does that everyone else does and doesn't get scrutinized the same way."

Holley believes that Lohan has been painted as somewhat of a villain in the media, but she admits that Lohan's behavior hasn't always been exemplary.

"I'm not trying to be an apologist for her," says Holley. "She herself would say that there are certain decisions that she's made that were not the best."

Judging by the reading materials found in Holley's office, she seems to have maintained a sense of humor about Lindsay's legal fights. One title that seems particularly ripe with irony? How to Behave and Why by Munro Leaf.