30 Fun Facts About New Mom Kate Middleton

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30 Fun Facts About New Mom Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton captured the attention of the world by marrying Prince William in a fairy-tale ceremony in April 2011. She continues to be a major celebrity in her own right, with the world's media clamoring for tidbits about her everyday life and fashion choices. In honor of her giving birth to the royal baby on Monday, here are 30 fun facts about the Duchess of Cambridge!

1. Born in the British town of Reading on January 9, 1982 to parents Michael and Carole Middleton. Her father was a pilot and her mother an airline stewardess.

2. At age 8, she became a brownie with the 1st St Andrews pack in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

3. At age 13, she went to Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

4. During her early school years, she played tennis, hockey and netball.

5. Her parents became self-made millionaires after launching a successful party supply store.

6. She graduated with a Master of Arts from the University of Saint Andrews.

7. Enjoys photography and took pictures for her family's mail order business.

8. As a young child, she performed in a play in which she portrayed a young lady wooed by a young, handsome blond prince named William.

9. Her hobbies include walking, tennis, swimming, sailing, and painting.

10. Spent time studying at the British Institute in Florence.

11. It was rumored that at Marlborough College Kate had a poster of her future husband William on her wall. But she later revealed that the image was actually "the Levi's guy."

12. While an undergraduate, she continued playing sports and played for the university's hockey team.

13. It was at St Andrews where she met Prince William and graduates of the university have around a 1 in 10 chance of meeting their mate and getting married.

14. Worked in London as a part-time buyer for the clothing company Jigsaw Junior and once considered launching a clothing line for kids.

15. Kate and William's first official event together after they got engaged was last February in Anglesey, where they dedicated a new lifeboat.

16. In keeping with wedding tradition for "something blue," Kate had a blue ribbon sewn into the interior of her dress.

17. She is related to famous U.S. General George S. Patton.

18. She is descended from a family of solicitors and landed gentry on her father's side and butchers, plasterers, road sweepers and domestic servants on her mother's.

19. The see-through dress that sparked William's interest in Kate when she wore it at a university fashion show in 2002 was auctioned in 2011 for more than $120,000.

20. During her tour of California and Canada last summer, wore more than 25 outfits.

21. Is an official ambassador for Britain's Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

22. Is six months older than Prince William.

23. She traveled with William to Malaysia, Singapore, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu to mark the Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee last year.

24. Received a tandem bike from London Mayor Boris Johnson as a wedding present.

25. Is distantly related to Prince William -- they are 12th cousins once removed.

26. She is patron of Action on Addiction treatment centers and royal patron of East Anglia's Children's Hospices and The Art Room.

27. Has four body guards assigned to her from Scotland Yard to protect her around the clock.

28. Although she could have a private chef at her disposal, she prefers to do most of the cooking for herself and William.

29. Back in 2006, she was selected by The Daily Telegraph as the "Most Promising Newcomer" on its list of style winners and losers.

30. She lived with her family in Amman, Jordan, for a few years in the mid 1980s.