Beyonce Unveils Blue Ivy's Ultrasound


Beyonce just debuted the full trailer for her HBO documentary film Life Is But a Dream, in which she shares her daughter Blue Ivy's ultrasound with the world.

Beyonce gets personal in the revealing first look at her highly anticipated film, discussing the difficulty of keeping her first pregnancy under wraps.

"I just had a feeling something was going on ... this is crazy," she says, before revealing the ultrasound at around 00:47. "They keep fitting me in these tight clothes and trying to hide it. It's very difficult. I don't know how I'm going to get through this."

Video: A Sneak Peek at Beyonce's HBO Documentary

The rest of the intimate footage reveals the superstar's worries about "staying current," and also shows her incredible work ethic.

"People see celebrities, and they have money and fame, but I’m a human being,” she says. “I cry. I get scared. I get nervous just like everyone else.”

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The documentary -- some of it shot by Beyonce on her laptop -- airs February 16 on HBO.