Torrey DeVitto's PETA Ad - Exclusive


Thanks to her roles on The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, Torrey DeVitto's popularity with the high school sect has exploded in recent years, and alongside PETA, she's using that power to send a major message to education institutions across the country!

VIDEO - Pretty Little Liars Preview

Every year more than 10 million animals are dissected in secondary-school and college science classes, and DeVitto is taking a stand against animal dissection.

In the Robert Sebree-shot ad, exclusively obtained by ETonline, DeVitto cradles a kitten and says, "You Wouldn't Dissect Her, So Don't Dissect Anyone!"

In an interview with PETA, DeVitto explains how she let fear of disappointing her teachers push her into dissecting when she was in school -- and how she still regrets it. "I didn't think I had an option," she says. "Kids need to know they have the option -- they don't need to be subjected to this. You can do virtual dissection, which gives them just as much information as dissecting a real cat or frog."

Check out ETonline's exclusive video from DeVitto's PETA shoot, and click here to see a full-size version of her ad!

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