LeAnn Rimes On Twitter War with Brandi Glanville


A storm has been raging between LeAnn Rimes and her husband's ex, Brandi Glanville, and only ET's Nancy O'Dell gets the controversial country crooner's candid answer about their recent Twitter war.

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With Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi has a national platform to gripe about LeAnn. The two recently broke out in a nasty back-and-forth over Cibrian and Glanville's children on Twitter, and LeAnn tells her side of the story for the first time publicly, calling it "a very one-sided war."

"It's pretty ridiculous," she says about Glanville calling her transparent. "The transparency is what's being used to actually continue her career with that tweet. That's the transparency for me. Sorry, if you want to be real honest, I'll be honest."

Walking with Nancy at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, LeAnn goes on to say, "My heart overflows with love for those two boys, and also because they're my husband's children, I look at them and they are two little spitting images of my husband. They're with us half the time -- I am never going to let a child walk into my house and not feel the love that they feel at their mom's house. … I'm going to be a part of that love, that intense love."

She concludes, "I hope we can work it out. Life would be a lot calmer for everyone."

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Rimes' Spitfire, featuring the new single Borrowed, drops April 9.

Stay tuned to ET tomorrow, when Rimes sets the record straight about rehab and talks about her sexy spouse and where she thinks their relationship will be in five years.