Melania Trump on 'Different' Romance with Donald


Melania Trump has quite a life with business baron Donald Trump. The former model sat down with ET to discuss her recently launched jewelry collection with QVC as well her relationship with her husband.

Her husband's many career happenings in combination with her own professional duties as well as raising their 6-year-old son make the couple's time together limited. Mrs. Trump says the two maintain a romance unlike the average one.

"He is a romantic guy," she said inside of her home. "...It's a different romance than maybe some other people [have] but he's [a] very different man anyway...but we have a great relationship and we are both very independent. We love what we do...and that's the most important [thing]. [We] have great quality time together."

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The couple met when Melania, a native of Slovenia, was modeling in New York in the '90s. Mr. Trump proposed to her in 2004 and they were married the following year. Although they are both busy in the business world, Melania says they cherish the time they do have together.

"We love to go to the movies. We love to just have a dinner, the two of us with friends," she mentioned as some of their favorite activities together. "We love to go to Mira Lago, spend time [with] the three of us: Barron, Donald, and me together; playing sport; and just spending time together, no matter where [we] are just having a great time."

The creative-minded former model launched her first jewelry line earlier this week with home shopping channel QVC. Having been immersed in fashion for the bulk of her life, Melania is enjoying creating her own products.

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"I have ideas that I want to put into life. It's great when you see a sketch that I sketched then come to life and you get the sample," she said. "It's really something very creative for me. I studied design and architecture. For me to have pieces that women can enjoy and...spoil themselves [with]--everything under $200--it's really something I enjoy."

While celebrities sometimes use their brand to create a line and don't involve themselves in the project, Mrs. Trump assures that she isn't just slapping her name on the line.

"I'm from A to Z; hands-on," she said of her involvement in the new jewelry line, "because every piece I would wear."