Selena Gomez on whether she'll record with Taylor


For several years now, Selena Gomez has partnered with UNICEF, an international program that benefits children in developing countries, to put on a charity concert aimed at benefiting the program and kids around the world. In an interview with ET Canada, the pop star opened up about what made her feel so strongly about the organization and its cause.

"I absolutely admire the people that get up every day and devote their lives to helping kids," Selena said. "I think takes such strength for somebody to do that."

Selena, only 20-years-old herself, has a great deal of younger fans, and feels a special connection to doing what she can to help out.

"Kids are so honest, that's why.... Me just using my platform and my voice, doing shows like this for them--I want to do as much as I can."

The singer's annual concerts have so far raised a great deal of money for the UNICEF program, including over $200,000 at the second annual concert alone.

In addition to the UNICEF benefit, ET Canada asked Selena about her upcoming movie, Spring Breakers, and album, both expected to release this March.

On the Harmony Korine directed film, in which Selena co-stars alongside James Franco and Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars), the actress thinks that even the Skrillex music-infused trailer doesn't all the way capture the gritty nature of the story, which follows four college roommates through a Florida vacation turned crime spree.

"I still don't even think the trailer shows the full extent of Spring Breakers, but hopefully we'll get some good feedback."

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On the album, Selena kept the details sealed tight, and expressed an interest in working with friend and fellow musician Taylor Swift, but wouldn't confirm.

"I want to [work with Taylor]! We should, I have like a month left. She's actually recording too right now, so she's in Nashville, but hopefully."

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At the benefit concert, Selena didn't unveil any new material, opting instead for covers, including the Justin Timberlake classic, Cry Me a River.

"I'm kind of keeping [the new music] under-wraps. I'm not really saying much...because I really want to surprise people.

See the video above for more of ET Canada's interview with Selena at the exclusive performance from her one-night-only UNICEF benefit Acoustic Charity Concert in NYC.