'ANTM' Winner Suffers Horrible Face Injury

Getty Images

Lisa D'Amato, winner of 2011's America's Next Top Model: All-Stars, is recovering from a nasty fall that left her with a broken nose and gashes to her entire face.

The model, 32, tells People she was "monkeying around" on the set of an independent movie in Colorado last week, performing handstands with a crew member, when she took a tumble and landed on her face. The crew member apparently fell on top of her, causing more injuries to D'Amato.

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"It was a totally freak accident," she says. "It wasn't like we were doing back flips off the balcony."

In fact, D'Amato's injuries were so severe that a plastic surgeon was called in to repair her broken nose. Looking at the bright side of the situation, the model tells People she's looking forward to her "cute" new nose.

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"I didn't have the best nose in the world to begin with. It gave me character," she jokes. "Now I have a nice little nose job. I get a super cute nose."

Graphic pictures chronicling D'Amato's road to recovery have been posted to her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Click with caution; the photos are very graphic.