Katy Perry Unveils Her Own Wax Figure


Katy Perry recently unveiled her own wax figure for Madame Tussauds' Las Vegas, and let's just say she has some mixed feelings about getting immortalized in wax.

"It's a little bit freaky because at some point I feel like this wax figure is going to come to life," she jokes. "And then they'll be two of me! Nobody wants that ..."

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Katy shares that Las Vegas is the perfect place to display her lifelike mold, thanks to her beloved grandma.

"I think it's the perfect home because my grandma lives in Las Vegas, and she's 92, and I can send her over whenever I can't make it to grandma's," she says. "But then I think it's great because then there will be two Hudsons there!"

As for the uncanny similarities between her wax figure and herself, Katy says there's at least one major difference -- the figure's six-pack abs.

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"I mean, she does have this strange six-pack that I know I don't have because I have more of a fupa, and she doesn't have that, so ... " she says. "Can't have it all I guess. [But] she can't speak, [and] I can speak so -- I have that."

Check out the video to hear Katy explain her wax figure's revealing costume, and what's coming up next in her chart-topping career.