Josh Groban Talks Dating Katy Perry, January Jones

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Josh Groban Talks Dating Katy Perry, January Jones

Josh Groban isn't one to open up much about his personal life, but in a rare moment, the singer breaks his silence on high-profile exes Katy Perry and January Jones.

"We were madly in love," Groban tells Details magazine of Jones, whom he began dating in 2003 for a period of two-and-a-half years. "It was definitely my longest relationship."

Unfortunately, the twosome couldn't make it work, but Groban says he still longs to find his special someone.

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"I'd love to get into another serious relationship," he says. "I am a real romantic at heart."

When asked about all those rumors he and Katy Perry had a fling, Groban was hesitant (at first) to admit they'd ever been involved.

"We're very good friends," he explains. "We met before her first album was even released, and we hit it off because we're both goofballs."

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When pushed, Groban divulges that he and the superstar had a brief connection, although it never became serious.

"We might have skated on the line of dating," he concedes.