Sheen Calls Lance Armstrong 'Kind of a Douche'


Charlie Sheen has never been shy about publicly speaking his mind -- about other celebrities, his critics, even some of his own TV bosses. This time, the Anger Management star is targeting disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, whom he said exhibited jerk-like behavior during a brief personal encounter in the past.

"He's kind of a douche," Sheen told Jay Leno when asked about Armstrong during an appearance on last night's The Tonight Show. "Wow, I didn't just say that did I, sorry Lance," the star joked.

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Sheen explained that he once approached Armstrong at a party and introduced himself, only to have the cycling champion respond with a terse, "That's nice." The Two and a Half Men alum then pretended to respond to Armstrong by saying, "Sorry to bother you, Captain Bitchin. Go get a paper route, dude."

Leno then offered his own criticism of Armstrong, who recently admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he used ban substances during his successful cycling career despite denying doping allegations for years. Leno said he was annoyed not just that Armstrong had taken banned substances, but also that he set out to "ruin the lives" of his accusers.

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Sheen agreed, saying, "That was creepy, yeah." The star then added: "If he was a better guy, in his life, he'd be forgiven a lot faster. And a lot easier -- kinda like me."

Leno also asked Sheen to clarify reports that he recently loaned $100,000 to legally-challenged actress Lindsay Lohan. After initially joking that the amount was "just for dinner," he explained that the money was basically a fee for Lohan's appearance with him in the movie Scary Movie 5.

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Sheen said that after Lohan signed a deal to appear in the movie, she was supposed to receive half of Sheen's salary, but was "shorted." "They took half of my money to give to her, and she didn't get it all," he explained. "So when I found this out, I said, 'You got shorted a hundred grand.' So I gave it to her."