Simpson on Weight Gain: I Thought My Life Was Over


The always candid Jessica Simpson is getting personal about her own weight loss journey for Weight Watchers' "I'm Only Human And I Did It" project, in which real women share how they were able to finally achieve their weight loss goals.

"I was happy to be pregnant. I was happy to be gaining weight and eating whatever I wanted," she admits in her own video for the inspiring project. "I was the girl that never asked the doctor how much she weighed. I stepped on the scale backwards because I was just gonna enjoy my pregnancy and have fun."

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But about one month after her daughter Maxwell was born, Jessica was faced with the startling realization of just how much weight she gained during her pregnancy at her first meeting with Weight Watchers.

"It was the first time I had to come face-to-face with the scale, and I looked at the scale, and I thought my life was completely over," she recalls about the first meeting, which was held at her house where she was surrounded by friends. "I was not expecting to see the number that I saw, because it's just never a number that I could fathom weighing -- but I did. ... I had a moment there where I was standing on the scale, and faced with a severe truth -- and I didn't know if I could do it. I really didn't know if it was gonna happen for me."

But Jessica ended up having nothing to worry about -- she lost over 50 pounds following the program.

"I'm seriously only human, just like you guys," she stresses "It is hard to lose weight but when I teamed up with Weight Watchers it actually wasn't as hard as I thought. It was just something that became a lifestyle."

Video: Jessica Simpson on Surpassing 50 Pound Weight Loss

Though she does share that with her second pregnancy, she's definitely doing things a lot differently.

"Now I'm pregnant again, and I'm looking at the scale, and I'm making the right decisions with what I'm eating," she says, clearly overjoyed. "I still have my desserts -- just not four of them."

Check out the video to hear some of the frustrations Jessica initially had losing the baby weight, and click here to watch and get inspired by other people's weight loss stories.