Rogen & Rudd's Ideas Stifled in Super Bowl Ad


Some advertisers are trotting out teasers this week for commercials they'll pay millions to air during this Sunday's Super Bowl. We've got a sneak peek of a Samsung ad that attempts to tap into the creative talents of Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, but the two actors get censored due to rules that prohibit the use of "Super Bowl" and the team names!

Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk also appears in the ad -- which features the company's Galaxy family of products -- as the one soliciting the actors' creative ideas for the perfect Super Bowl spot. But when the creative juices get flowing, Rogen and Rudd are stopped dead in their tracks before they can utter the forbidden terms.

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"You can't say the name of the game," Odenkirk snaps, citing rules limited the use of copyrighted terms in a Super Bowl commercial. So how do they refer to one of the biggest sporting events ever held? "The Big Game," Odenkirk suggests, or perhaps with Spanish flair, "El Plato Supremo."

Watch the teaser to also hear Rogen creatively suggest how to reference the San Francisco 49ers by inventing the title "the 50 minus 1ers."

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