'ANTM' Winner on Her Freak Accident


America's Next Top Model winner Lisa D'Amato faced a possible career-ending injury when she crushed her face after a nasty fall. Now, D'Amato is recovering nicely from her freak accident and telling ET what happened.

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While enjoying some down time on the set of an independent movie in Colorado earlier this month, D'Amato was doing handstands and flips with a crew member. D'Amato says that she was being held upside down by the ankles when she fell and the crew member landed on top of her.

"Then I just felt a waterfall going down my throat, and that's when I looked down and my hands were completely covered with blood," says D'Amato, who has modeled for companies as varied as Guess and the Ford Motor Company.

D'Amato's husband Adam promptly called 9-1-1 and she was rushed into medical and cosmetic surgery.

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Today, things are looking better for D'Amato. On Saturday she visited the plastic surgeon who reconstructed her face, Dr. Ryan Naffziger, to remove the top layer of stitches from her nose.

D'Amato plans on keeping her new nose for a long time, promising to be more cautious in the future.

"I am just gonna be careful and not trust anyone else," says D'Amato. "No more duo moves!"