Go Inside the Super Bowl's Hottest Parties


ET correspondent and Ravens fan Rocsi Diaz seemed out numbered over the weekend in terms of her football affiliation, which sparked a little friendly competition with Jenny McCarthy.

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As a 49ers fan, Jenny agreed to a wager: the loser has to buy the other dinner and drinks when they get back to Los Angeles.

"Girls night out," said Jenny. "You go out with my posse if I win and I go out with your posse if you win."

"And you cannot stop until the other person says the night is over!" Rocsi added.

Rocsi and Jenny were able to make things interesting during the day, but it wasn't until night fall when the action really got rolling.

DIRECTV's Super Saturday Night party has earned the title of biggest pre-Super Bowl bash for good reason. Fans (which included big name stars such as Jon Cryer and Peter Facinelli) were ecstatic about Justin Timberlake's return to the stage after a six-year concert hiatus.

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake Performs New Music

"I want to see if he's bringing sexy back," said Peter.

Check out the video to see who your favorite celebs are rooting for to win the big game.