Kris Humphries' Sister on His Split & Her Career


Amid the continuing court battle between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian, Brooke Anderson sat down with Kris' sister, Kaela, to get her take on the headlines about her brother.

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"The things that we focus on as a family are the things that we can control," said Kaela, responding to some of the insults that have been hurled at her brother since the split. "You cannot control other people's perception of you. We just support each other through thick and thin."

In court documents, Kim says that she wants to expedite the divorce "for the health and well-being of [her] unborn child" with Kanye West, but Kris' side has pushed back, drawing accusations that he's dragging out the proceeding.

In a recent filing, Kris' attorney Marshall W. Waller claims that this "is not a 'typical marital dissolution case.'"

Waller goes on to say, "It is an action for Nullity of Marriage. As this court is aware, the whole point of an action for Nullity of Marriage is to return the parties not to the status of 'divorced' people, as is the outcome that petitioner seeks in this instant request for bifurcation, but instead to return the parties to the position held before their marriage ... How does that occur if this court grants this instant request and divorces these people before that issue is resolved? The answer is simple: the court cannot do that."

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By California law, if the divorce isn't completed by the time the baby is born, Kris could be the presumed legal father, although Kris has said that Kim and Kanye "are free to sign the birth certificate."

Meanwhile, Kaela (a model with Ford's plus-sized division) is keeping herself busy as the center of a new campaign for Eloquii by The Limited.

As her career continues to take off, Kaela said that she's lost between 35 and 40 pounds over the last year.

"[I] just eat healthier -- less preservatives, Whole Foods," said Kaela, who used to make ends meet as a medical sales rep. "I work out with my brother."

Kaela added that her career change from medicine to the runway practically occurred "overnight."

"I modeled on the side while I was working," Kaela explained. "Then I just decided one day to take a leap of faith and move out here [to New York] and join Ford, and the rest is kind of history."

Watch the video to see her photo shoot.