Exclusive: J. Flacco Gets Fitted for Fashion Show

Exclusive: J. Flacco Gets Fitted for Fashion Show

Joe Flacco has had quite the week. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback won the Super Bowl and was named MVP on Sunday, visited Disney World the day after, and has been making appearances non-stop since then.

Next on Flacco's agenda is attending Tommy Hilfiger's New York Fashion Show and ET has an exclusive look at his fitting session with the fashion designer to select what he'll wear to the show.

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The Super Bowl champion brought his wife Dana with him as he selected his clothes from the Tommy Hilfiger collection with a little guidance from none other than Tommy Hilfiger himself.

"I'm honored," Hilfiger said of having Flacco dressed in his apparel to his fashion show. "Actually, my guys told me he was coming today [and] I thought they were kidding. So, I'm very happy and very honored."

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Despite his recent achievement on the football field, Flacco cherished the opportunity to meet Hilfiger and don his garb at Friday night's fashion show.

"The thing is for me is it hasn't sunk in winning the Super Bowl yet. So, to come up here and to go through all this stuff is pretty cool. [It's a] pretty rare opportunity," the 28-year-old quarterback said.

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Amid all the exciting happenings in Flacco's life after winning Super Bowl XLVII is a future new addition to his family, as he and his wife announced after the Super Bowl that they are expecting their second child.

"It's awesome. It's the best feeling in the world," he said of having a baby on the way. "We just won the Super Bowl and we had our [first] son in June, and as exciting as the other day was, it didn't compare to what that was."