James Franco On Gay Rumors and 4 Other Bizarre Quotes

James Franco
Mark Seliger/Details Magazine

Franco On Gay Rumors & 4 Other Bizarre Quotes

It's no secret that James Franco is a little out there, as was evident in his recent interview with Details magazine. The outlandish 34-year-old actor was open to addressing lots in his life, including rumors of his sexual orientation, a bizarre oral sex scene in Spring Breakers and his strict rule of sleeping less than five hours a day. Here are the top five most peculiar quips from Franco's chat with the magazine.

1. On the gay rumors: "One of my professors at Yale ...had been a 19th-century literature scholar. But as soon as he brought his queer life into that world, it gave him this energy and a realization: It wasn't about being gay but about being different. And that gave me a feeling of enormous permission."

2. On his oral scene with a pistol in Spring Breakers: "Guess I’m a natural…It was my first time." When reminded that this wasn't his first time, recalling his part in the 2011 film The Broken Tower, Franco reacted, "Oh s*** ...It wasn't my first time. That was a dildo. If I'd had the guts, it woulda been real."

3. Franco admitted to pot smoking while preparing for the role of Alien in Spring Breakers, recalling: "There was lots of pot in a Spring Breakers strip-club scene. …I don't even smoke cigarettes for roles anymore -- I use herbal stuff -- and after 20 hits on this 'blunt,' I f***ing puked." Adding of his character, "Alien is what happens if we get all our wishes: unrestrained consumerism, ego, id, sex..."

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4. On staying awake 19 hours a day: "[I] fight sleep every night. ...I consider it a defeat." His Oz the Great and Powerful co-star Mila Kunis added, "We were at the end of a 17-hour day on Oz doing this carriage scene, with real horses. The set was so long they couldn't turn the horses, so we'd just leave the set, circle, and re-shoot. James just fell dead asleep after a take. I mean, nothing I could do would wake him up. We came around for a take, everybody saw, and they just kept the cameras rolling."


5. The actor offered reason to his multiple hobbies and his return to school: "I'd become incredibly frustrated staying in the lines of my job description as an actor. I was making it hard, not only on everyone else, but on myself as well."

Franco returns to the big screen twice this year. Spring Breakers hits theaters March 22, while Oz the Great and Powerful comes out March 8.