Heidi Klum Re-Creates a Sexy Classic in Burger Ad


Heidi Klum reenacts Anne Bancroft's famous Mrs. Robinson character from The Graduate in a new Carl's Jr. commercial, and she did a good job of staying in character through her interview with ET's Rob Marciano.

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For the TV ad, Heidi's advances are directed towards a hamburger, but Rob also got an opportunity to step in for Dustin Hoffman once the cameras stopped rolling.

"Have you ever been seduced by an older woman?" Heidi asked the ET co-host.

"Not successfully, but if she'd looked like you that may have changed," Rob answered.

Heidi joins a long list of sexy celebs to sell burgers for Carl's Jr composed of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and model Nina Agdal.

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