Josh Brolin Sings Praises of Diane Lane Pre-Split


News of Josh Brolin and Diane Lane's split after eight years of marriage came as a surprise to many in Hollywood, especially since Josh just recently sang the praises of his spouse while ruminating about how to maintain a successful relationship in the Hollywood spotlight during his recent Gangster Squad junket. Watch the video…

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Diane stars in the upcoming summer blockbuster-to-be Man of Steel as Martha Kent, and Brooke shared a laugh with Josh during the junket that she's a "Woman of Steel."

"She's a very strong woman, extremely strong," the 45-year-old star acknowledged before steering the conversation towards how he hadn't yet seen the new trailer from the Superman film, adding that he's "always excited to see" Diane's performances.

Brooke then more directly asked how the couple manages "a successful relationship in Hollywood in the spotlight," and he replied gamely, "Because we're not really in the spotlight. I mean, we are in times like this [junket interview], but, you know, there's one light. We just do our own thing, and we always have. And we're not in L.A. all the time, we're up north a lot of the time where I grew up, so, you know, you just do what you do. You don't play up into the hype so much."

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Stay tuned to ET for more news on Josh Brolin and Diane Lane's split.