Naked Fan's Encounter with 'Fringe' Star


Fringe star John Noble, known by fans of the show for playing quirky scientist Dr. Walter Bishop, told ET of a rather "bare" encounter he had with an autograph seeker in New York. "There was a naked lady in New York once who wanted me to sign her body," Noble told ET. "[I did], but I had my wife with me, so it was okay. And it was cold, and she was outside at this event we went to. And she was just like, 'sign this.'"

"She had a lot of front," Noble joked.

Noble went on to talk about the technology of Fringe and what made the show so popular among science fiction fans, telling ET, "At Fringe, we were on the cutting edge in the sense that most of the stuff we did is sort of theoretically feasible. And then, if you do that, you combine it with great character studies which I think that show did with the relationships between people, you've got something that's quite riveting. I don't like kind of two dimensional stuff very much, and I'm not so sure about procedurals."

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"What draws me to anything are great stories, "he told ET, "I mean, I just love stories. So whether they be science fiction or anything else. Science fiction has the liberty of being a bit more adventurous sometimes, and not getting locked down in humdrum realities."

He also spoke of the influence fans had on the success of the show, recalling a social media campaign early in its run to keep the then struggling series on the air. "One of the interesting things about Fringe," Noble recalled, "was that probably, for the first time, it was the first show that really felt the impact of social media, and really we were lucky to get five seasons, and the reason was that the fans just set up a huge cry on social media, and just hit FOX and Warner Bros. and said, 'you cannot take this show off the air, we love this thing,' and I think we were probably the first show to have that happen."

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Fellow Fringe actress Jasika Nicole, who played Noble's loveable lab assistant Astrid Farnsworth on the show, spoke to ET of the "coolness" of the time travel technology introduced in the series, even if "It actually ends up kind of being horrible in the end and screwing up the world," she told ET, "but it would still be really amazing to just have the opportunity to travel through time. We can also travel through universes and through different timelines so, at one point I got to meet my character in another universe, which was pretty awesome. … She was way cooler than I was."

Waxing philosophical, but keeping it within the realm of theoretical science, Nicole revealed her thoughts on parallel universes, telling us, "I don't think there's just one. I would imagine there's an infinite number of universes, which is a really kind of mind blowing idea and I don't know if I'm really quite capable of handling the reality of what that could actually mean, but yeah, there should be definitely a lot of different universes out there. … This is what Fringe has done for people, it has opened up their minds."

Noble and Nicole were just a few of the sci-fi stars present at Creation Entertainment’s Grand Slam Convention: The Star Trek and Sci-Fi Summit in Burbank, CA last weekend, joined by other such notables as Sir Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, and many more.

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