Audrey Hepburn Resurrected For New Commercial


Audrey Hepburn Resurrected For New Commercial

Dearly departed Audrey Hepburn is the latest celebrity to be resurrected by the ad industry so she can star in a new commercial.

In the spot for Galaxy (a British chocolate brand), Hepburn is sightseeing in Italy when her tour bus gets delayed. Luckily she stops across from a handsome stranger as her version of Moon River begins to play. What happens from there is classic Hepburn, but how did the ad come to be?

Hepburn's sons, who control her estate, authorized the use of her image for a fee. Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti say their mother would be "proud" of her new role, adding in a press release that she "often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit."

Hepburn is not the first (nor will she be the last) dead celebrity who Madison Avenue has brought back to life thanks to advanced technology used in order to hawk a product. Chris Farley shilled for DirecTV, Fred Astaire danced for Dirt Devil, John Lennon rocked out for Rock Band, Gene Kelly grooved for Volkswagen, John Wayne sipped on Coors Light and Kurt Cobain wore his Doc Martens in heaven.

You'll also recall that Hepburn already starred in another modern day ad when The GAP had her pushing pants. Watch her latest work from beyond the grave.