JWOWW Duct Tapes Breasts For NOH8 Campaign

NoH8 Campaign

That's one way to get people's attention. Jenni "JWOWW" Farley strips down in support of gay rights and marriage equality for the latest ad campaign for the organization NOH8. Posing in nothing but a duct tape bra that she, according to the organization's website, crafted, this scantily-clad photo comes just a week after the reality star revealed her own sexual encounter with another female.

During a recent appearance on Logo TV's That Sex Show, JWOWW, 27, confessed that at age 21 she engaged in a very enjoyable same-sex romp with an exotic dancer. "I ended up in a New York City strip club and I hooked up with a Russian stripper in the Boom Boom Room. The room that they say doesn't exist-- It exists."

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Formore pics from JWOWW's NOH8 photo shoot, click HERE.