Is Paula Deen Considering Plastic Surgery?


Paula Deen and her family are proud to announce that they have recently lost a collective 200 pounds, but Paula tells ET's Brooke Anderson that there is at least one drawback to slimming down.

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"At 66 you'll find your chin in your lap, you know, if you lose too much, because that loose skin has to go somewhere doesn't it?" joked Paula, who still wants to loose 15 more pounds. "I don't want to be cut on," Paula added, referring to excess skin removal.

The popular cook and author would prefer to avoid the surgery, telling Brooke that she has major reservations about the procedure.

"Folks wake up dead after that surgery sometimes," Paula said. "I'm just scared of it."

As far as likeability goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as Paula's son Bobby Deen recently became a New York Times bestselling author after releasing his first solo book, From Mama's Table to Mine.

"My mom -- if nothing -- is completely honest," said Bobby, who had Paula test some of his recipes prior to publishing. "If she doesn't like something, she tells me."

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Paula's dramatic weight loss follows her type 2 diabetes diagnosis, which she considers a blessing.

"My daddy was 40 [when he died] and my mother was 44," Paula explained. "So how grateful am I to have lived long enough to have these issues."

The Food Network host is working on a contest called Seeing Diabetes in a New Light, sponsored by Novo Nordisk. Fans can submit a video online for a chance to have lunch with Paula in Savannah.