Check Out's $900K Car!

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Check Out's $900K Car!

Back in February it was revealed that had dropped $900,000 to turn a 1958 VW Beetle into a car that simultaneously looks retro and futuristic -- today we got our first good look at Will's phunked up auto!

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The car's re-crafting began in 2009 when Will brought the Beetle to Austin Weiss at The Garage in Stuart, FL. "Will originally wanted a twin turbo Porsche flat six in the back," Weiss told Jalopnik. Six week into his ride pimping, Will decided he would rather have something "crazy futuristic," so Weiss tore up a supercharged LS3 from Extreme Performance and put that chassis in the front of the bug.

Weiss goes on to document
the countless changes the car and Will's mind endured before he took the car to West Coast Customs, which proceeded to tinker on the auto for another two years. Which brings us to today, when Will took his pumped up ride for a spin in Los Angeles.

Looking like a cross between a car from Dick Tracy and a something you'd President Snow gliding around in, the end result is exactly's style: completely over the top, totally impractical yet visually hypnotic, guaranteeing you won't stop thinking about it for hours.