PETA: Kim K. Is Setting Bad Example For Baby

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Once again, it's PETA versus Kim Kardashian. The mom-to-be was spotted wearing fur during Paris Fashion Week with her beau Kanye West by her side. Needless to say, the animal rights organization was not too thrilled with her style statement, and, per usual, they had some choice words for the reality star.

"Kim is a commodity; she is paid to wear things like fur, a particular makeup, or to shake hands with questionable people, so she is not a good example to a child or anyone else of how to show a social conscience," PETA spokesperson Wendy Wenger told RadarOnline. "Thankfully, this child will be growing up in a time when most people know how blatantly cruel it is to buy a coat made from someone else’s skin, so there is hope."

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The digs didn't stop there. Wenger added, "Youngsters naturally identify and empathize with animals -- so even though Kim and Kanye will undoubtedly serve as poor examples when it comes to kindness toward animals, perhaps their child will take after aunt Khloe and choose kindness by rejecting fur."

Khloe Kardashian posed for PETA a few years back, but later denounced the organization after her sister Kim was hit with a flour bomb on the red carpet; a flour bomb thought to have been thrown by an activist within the organization.

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Whose side are you on? Is PETA in the right here, or is this statement a bit harsh?