Tyra Banks Readies for Big Changes on 'ANTM'


As America's Next Top Model moves into a new era -- featuring male and female models living in the same house -- Tyra Banks and fellow judge Rob Evans are giving fans advice for breaking into the business.

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Via the ooVoo video chat service, Tyra and Rob explained the biggest pitfalls that new models tend to fall into.

"One of a model's biggest mistakes would have to be trying to be too sexy," said Tyra. "Another thing is paying money [for an agent]."

Rob stepped in with the man's point of view, shedding light on why female models tend to make more money than males.

"Females shop more than males, so there's always a lot more work for a female model," said Rob. "And a female can bring a lot more to a picture."

America's Next Top Model returns to The CW this summer with 26 contestants vying for $100,000 national campaign with Guess. Visit ooVoo.com to download the app.