Star Paychecks: What They Really Earn


What do celebrities really make?

In this Sunday's papers, Parade magazine breaks down Tinseltown's highest earners and you might be surprised about what stars such as Sofia Vergara, Justin Bieber and Blake Shelton made last year.

According to the publication, pop star Justin Bieber earned an estimated $6,261 per hour in 2012! That means the Biebs pocketed nearly $55 million dollars, which is more than twice as much as singer Blake Shelton took home from January to December ($20 mil).

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The annual list also reveals NCIS star Mark Harmon took home $38 million, two-and-a-half million more than A-lister Brad Pitt.

As for the girls, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara pulled in approximately $21 million in 2012. On top of earning $175,000 an episode, the voluptuous beauty relied on Kmart, Cover Girl and Pepsi endorsements to supplement her hefty income.

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By contrast, TLC's newest star Honey Boo Boo collected almost $50,000 by year's end.

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