Carnie Wilson on Body Image: I've Accepted Myself


ET was exclusively with Carnie Wilson celebrating Lane Bryant's opening of their new flagship store in New York City, where she talked candidly about her love of fashion, her own very public struggle with weight and how she's doing today.

"What can I tell you? I love fashion, I love clothing, I love women, I love curves," Wilson tells ET about celebrating the plus size store's opening. " ... Women deserve this. And women of size don't have to shop in the shadows -- in the dark shadows -- they can come right in the middle of New York City and get the best."

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As for where her obvious confidence comes from, Wilson attributes it to accepting herself -- "faults" and all.

"The beauty comes from within a woman," she stresses. "You have to feel good about yourself -- who you are on the inside -- to feel beautiful on the outside. ... You know, I'm never going to have smooth skin. I got stretch marks honey -- I'm a real woman, I've got two children, you know? And I don't strive for that. I have accepted it. I want to be healthy, and thriving, and beautiful and love fashion and we deserve it. Every woman deserves that."

These days, Wilson is all about "progress not perfection."

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"My goal is to just make as many healthy decisions as I can -- try to eat more good food than bad," she says. " ... It's not perfection. I still want to lose some weight but you know, I lost 40 pounds last year -- yay, that's great -- and I'm making progress."

Check out the video to see Carnie show off her stylish Lane Bryant dress, and to see inside Lane Bryant's brand-new flagship store in NYC!