Stars React to New Pope

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Celebrities wasted no time responding to Wednesday's election of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio -- to be known as Pope Francis -- to lead the world's 1.2 billion Catholics. Read on for a sampling of the latest star reactions!

Chris Harrison: "When I told @SeanLowe09 & @clmgiudici I'm ordained I never thought the Vatican would respond so fast #Whitesmoke"

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: "Yay for Pope Bergoglio!! He's adorable."

Joy Behar: "It's already starting. Donald Trump wants to see the new Pope's birth certificate."

Kathy Griffin: "I haven't been paying that much attention to my old religion lately. Is this guy single?"

Craig Ferguson: "Rumors already swirling in Hollywood that the new Pope will replace Leno on NBC at 1130."

Maria Shriver: "Love that this man is known for his simplicity. The sign he has already given is his choice of name."

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Rosie O'Donnell: "Which guy got the white rose – it's like the bachelor – Vatican style #popewatch"

Mia Farrow: "Congratulations Argentina! First Pope from SouthAmerica. First named Francis. St Francis is patron saint of the poor."

Roma Downey: "White smoke! a new Pope! Praise The Lord!"

Kristen Bell: "Hahahaha @jram23: Nice try #newpope. We have bigger news to sell today. #veronicamarsmovie #finally."

Seth MacFarlane: "To signal the conclave had not reached a decision, they released black smoke from a chimney and emptied 400 styrofoam cups into the street."

Star Jones: "I'm not Catholic...but am excited by the election of #NewPope.  May he be blessed with wisdom & the love of Christ."

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Piers Morgan: "BREAKING NEWS: 2nd Pope elected since Arsenal last won a trophy."

Joan Rivers: "A new Pope has been chosen! I haven't seen this many people transfixed by a puff of white smoke since the discovery of fire!"

Ozzy Osbourne: "White Smoke Means New Pope - #sweetleaf."

David Arquette: "Dom't call the new pope Francis – his name is Frank – If you call him Francis he's gonna kill you."

Seth Rogen: "There's also white smoke coming out of my office, but nobody seems that excited about it."

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Aziz Ansari: "Feeling good about my chances to be new Pope. My agents said I should hear something today..."

Jim Gaffigan: "In honor of Pope Francis being from Argentina I'm going to continue to eat steak and ice cream in an abusive manner."

Andy Richter: "76 yrs old and only one lung? It's so obvious Francis is just a placeholder until Trebek's Jeopardy contract is up."

Neil Patrick Harris: "New Pope news soon! You might want to follow @TheTweetOfGod for all papal updates. He has an 'in'."

Steve Martin: "The new Pope just called! The new Pope just called!"

Eric Stonestreet: "Did they just go to central casting to get the new pope?"

Kate Walsh: "Popestars! HA. RT @Joan_Rivers: The Vatican has gone Hollywood. Forget the white smoke-the new Pope will be announced by Ryan Seacrest on…"