Why Jessica Alba is Living 'The Honest Life'

Why Jessica Alba is Living 'The Honest Life'

Jessica Alba can now add published author to the long list of accomplishments achieved in her 31 years.

ET Canada caught up with the stunning star at the launch of The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You in Pasadena, California where Alba dished on her inspiration for penning the healthy living guide.

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"You don't have to be an extremist to live a healthier life," said Alba, who explained that she experimented with all types of supposedly good-for-you lifestyles before finding the right balance.

"I feel like when I was trying to make healthier choices -- grain or eco, or any of those things-- I felt like I had to be a total extreme. I had to live off the grid and only wear hemp and be vegan, and I just felt like it was either one or the other."

Created mainly for busy moms who aim to raise their family in a safe, stylish and eco-friendly manner, The Honest Life is about living life clean and responsibly, said Alba.

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"I think honesty is really just about being transparent and accepting the idea that perfection is being imperfect and being flawed, and that's okay."

Pick up your copy of The Honest Life, available in stores and online now.