Patti Stanger Is Engaged to be Engaged

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Patti Stanger has issued out lots of tough love and tips for finding monogamy on Millionaire Matchmaker, but now it seems the teacher has become the student. The 51-year-old revealed that she's engaged to be engaged but does this go against her own relationship code?

The Bravo star cleared up rumors that she was engaged to mortgage banker David Krause, telling Good Morning America's Lara Spencer, "We're not engaged yet."

But how does she explain that bling on her wedding-ring finger?! "I have a promise ring," she responded. "We moved in pretty soon, so that's the reason why."

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Stanger met her fiance-to-be online, and will feature her one-year relationship on the upcoming season of Millionaire Matchmaker. Krause, a father of two teenagers, didn't know that Stanger was on TV, admitting, "That was just so crazy because I've never experienced anything like it before in my life. ...But I didn't ask any questions, because I figured she'd let me know when she was ready. And that night I raced home and Googled [her]."

That all being said, Stanger confessed that she did break some of her romance rules this time around. "I pretty much went down the list of all the no-nos and they really are no-nos. I probably would kick myself out of the club."

If Kraus pops the question, this will be the matchmaker's second engagement since finding fame, her first was with her boyfriend of six years Andy Friedman. What do you think? Will Stanger make it down the aisle?