Rachelle Spector Hopes Biopic Will Spawn New Trial


While Phil Spector's wife Rachelle disagrees with much of the content in the HBO movie loosely based on her husband's murder trial, there is one thing that she feels the film did right.

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The movie, which premiered yesterday, includes a forensic demonstration which suggests that Phil's clothes would've been blood-splattered had he pulled the trigger on Lana Clarkson. This demonstration was never a part of Phil's actual trial and he was convicted of second-degree murder.

"They can clearly see by the lack of any blood on his white jacket that he wasn't even near her when the shot was fired," said Rachelle, who hopes that the film might lead to a new trial. "There is absolutely no way he was even close to her when the shot was fired."

Rachelle, who has been tirelessly defending her husband, once seemed to be entirely against the movie. Now that she's seen it and gauged the audience's reaction, she might not be totally against the project.

"People are walking away thinking he was railroaded and is an innocent man," said Rachelle.