Watch Amanda Bynes 'Lost' 2007 Interview

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Amanda Bynes has been snagging heaps of headlines for her outrageous behavior, and even more outrageous Tweets. A far cry from the 2007 incarnation of the actress -- ie: totally together -- seen in this "lost" interview from an old episode of Showbiz Tonight.

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Resurrected by the HLN show during Bynes' 2011 court battles, the 2007 sitdown interview begins with host A.J. Hammer rattling off a list of "accomplishments" (jail, rehab) that had become far too common in Hollywood at the time.

"What's wrong with me," Bynes joked after Hammer name-checked all the tabloid-friendly trappings she'd avoided. "It's shocking to me how it's become popular to go to rehab. It's very odd. But I would guess I would say I'm very lucky. I have a great family, and I just have my eye on the prize, which, for me, is a long career. I don't want to blow what I've worked so hard to achieve."

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A sad statement in light of Bynes' recent run-ins with the authorities, the paparazzi and the 140 characters at the end of her iPhone.

The Hairspray star goes on to say that it's quite easy to avoid becoming a cautionary tale if you avoid the kinds of people and places that can lead to trouble. "The club scene and drinking doesn't appeal to me," she said. "I've never even been offered drugs. Birds of a feather flock together, and I certainly don't fly with that crowd."

Check out the rest of Amanda's lost interview and join us in wondering "What Could Have Been."