Police Investigating Bieber Battery Allegation


Police are continuing to investigate a battery complaint made by a neighbor of Justin Bieber after the two got into a confrontation on Tuesday.  

L.A. County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to ET on Wednesday that the man who confronted the 19-year-old pop star claims that Bieber spit on him -- which would constitute simple battery -- and that threats were also allegedly made by the singer.

Whitmore said Bieber described the incident differently so they are continuing to investigate the allegations and no arrests have been made.

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A member of Bieber's security team told ET on Wednesday that the incident happened when a neighbor came onto Justin's property to complain to the pop star about parties being held while Bieber was away. The neighbor and Bieber exchanged words and his security team also spoke with the neighbor, said the security member, who added that there was no physical altercation but police were called to investigate.

ET's Brooke Anderson spoke Wednesday to the wife of the man who got into the confrontation with Bieber. She confirmed to Brooke that her husband went to Bieber to complain that he was speeding around the neighborhood in his new Ferarri and driving erratically. 

The woman also confirmed that her husband had attempted to have a "civil conversation" with the pop star, but that Bieber had a hard time being told to slow down while driving through the neighborhood, which she said includes families with children and no sidewalks. When asked how her husband is doing now, she replied, "He's fine. He just wants to move past this."

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