The Secret to Sophia Loren's Longevity


At 78 years old, Sophia Loren still ranks among the most beautiful people in the world, and ET Canada caught up with the timeless star while she was entertaining fans at Niagara Falls.

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With six decades in the business, Sophia Loren's longevity stems from much more than just her looks. The Italian treasure attributed her staying power to simply persevering.

"I always go all the way," said Sophia.

As a two-time Oscar winner, Sophia explained how it feels to win the coveted statuette, saying, "You feel like you've accomplished a lot and that you can dream of accomplishing much more."

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Sophia has been lucky in work and love, as she was married to film producer Carlo Ponti for close to 40 years. Sadly, their marriage ended with Carlo's death in 2007, but Sophia doesn't expect that they'll ever be another man for her.

"Now I'm falling in love with my grandchildren and I'm very happy about it," said Sophia.

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