'Fast & Furious' Star on Stunt That Sent Her to ER

'Fast & Furious' Star on Stunt That Sent Her to ER

Actress Jordana Brewster appears on the cover of Ocean Drive magazine's April issue, but she's not your typical pin-up model. The Fast & Furious star recalled some of the most daring stunts of the popular franchise, including one that left her in need of medical attention.

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"I had a stunt double who was really good, but I did do some of my own," Brewster told the magazine. "[Director] Justin [Lin] is kind of hard-core. He's from the independent film world and wants the real shot. There's one scene where I'm running with a baby, and it's not a doll! I was so afraid I'd shake the baby too much. And shooting in Puerto Rico, I tore my hand open and had to go to the ER. First we Super Glued it, but I realized that was just not a good idea."

In the future, Brewster may find herself on the operating table by her own volition. When asked about whether she's ever had plastic surgery, Brewster, 32, answered, "I haven't started yet, but I'm definitely not against it. If there are tools out there, why not use them? On the other hand, I really need my forehead for acting. I need to be able to crease it and express myself, so I don't think I'd go crazy on the Botox."

Watch the video for all the different looks of her photo shoot.