Top 5 Sneakiest Celeb Pranksters (VIDEOS)

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Top 5 Sneakiest Celeb Pranksters (VIDEOS)

Internet beware, because on April Fool's Day, everyone is a prankster! As we question any and all news stories that come across our desk today, take a look at five of our favorite pranksters, George Clooney and Sacha Baron Cohen included!

1. George Clooney- This handsome face cannot be trusted. Known for his on-set pranks, usually directed at his pal Brad Pitt, Clooney even pulled one over on ET at the 2006 Oscars. Check out his conman skills:

2. Ashton Kutcher- He was so good at pranking that he landed his own reality show. Kutcher hosted Punk'd from 2003-2007, and pranked the likes of Beyonce and, who could forget, Justin Timberlake:


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3. Joaquin Phoenix- In the 2010, mockumentary film I'm Still Here, Joaquin Phoenix even had David Letterman fooled that he had retired from acting to pursue a rap career.

4. Sacha Baron Cohen- This comedian has made a movie career out of pranking people. From Borat to The Dictator to flour bombing Ryan Seacrest on the 2012 Oscars red carpet, you never know what Cohen will do next.

5. Brad Pitt- If you're going to be buds with Clooney, you must have a few tricks up your sleeve. Case in point, Pitt's Y2K New Year's Eve prank.

HONORABLE MENTION: Justin Bieber- The Baby singer might be new to the pranking scene but he sure pulled one over on Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus in last year's Punk'd revival show.

Who do you think is the best prankster in Hollywood?