Sara Gilbert Is Engaged

Sara Gilbert Is Engaged

The Talk co-host and executive producer Sara Gilbert announced on Monday's show that she is engaged to her girlfriend, singer-songwriter Linda Perry.

The former Roseanne star, 38, described how Perry, 47, recently surprised her with a proposal during a romantic picnic in the park. "We go to a park, and we have food and we're eating it, it's really sweet and there's this guy sitting playing guitar, like a street musician, and he starts playing this song that we love... I'm like, 'Oh, that's so weird, this is so magical and amazing," Gilbert said.

"So that ends and she's like, 'Oh, I'm going ask him to play this other song,' but this other song is really obscure and this guy wouldn't know it, but magically he knows it... And suddenly the people picnicking next to us pull out string instruments from under the blanket and walk over and they start playing (The Cure's) Lovesong."

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Gilbert said Perry then retrieved a series of T-shirts from her backpack -- the first said "will," the next one "you," the third "marry," and the final one showed a question mark. She said Perry then took out a ring and said, "'Ok, turn around,' and I turn around and our moms are there and a couple friends." And just when she thought it was "the most amazing proposal ever," there turned out to be more. "This guy walks up and she's like, 'This is John Waite,'" Gilbert explained, who started playing Missing You.

Gilbert and Perry began dating in 2011 and their relationship became public when the couple was photographed together. Prior to that, Gilbert was in a 10-year relationship with Allison Adler, with whom she had two children with.

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