Gwyneth Paltrow on Kim K's Weight Gain

Gwyneth Paltrow on Kim K's Weight Gain

The event was the opening of lean green actress Gwyneth Paltrow and world renowned trainer to the fitness gods, Tracy Anderson’s, new workout studio in Brentwood on April 4, but with a very pregnant Kim K on the red carpet, it wasn’t long before talk surrounding the reality star’s highly publicized pregnancy and the controversy about her weight gain and belly hugging fashion choices became the topic of discussion.

With many mommies in attendance as well as clients of Anderson including Molly Sims, Stacy Kiebler, Kathy Hilton and of course, Gwyneth there wasn’t a bad word to be said about the reality star mommy-to-be.

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“I think that women should support each other, especially through pregnancy,” Gwyneth says. “It’s a difficult time and I think Kim Kardashian looks absolutely beautiful. And we're supposed to gain weight when pregnant -- that’s how God intended it.”

But Gwyneth wasn’t the only one riding the Kim K. love train.

“I love that she has embraced it and that she is still wearing whatever she wants to wear. I’m kind of jealous. I like it,” says Sims.

Sims can likely find a kindred spirit in Kim K. Singing Anderson’s praises was a now very slender Molly Sims who claims she had gained a whopping 75 pounds during her pregnancy which ended just 9 months ago. The former Sports Illustrated model credits her new bikini bod to Anderson but vows it wasn’t easy.

“I didn’t step on a scale until I gave birth and I didn’t realize I had gained 72 pounds so it was definitely a struggle. It was depressing and I didn’t want to go out of the house. It was hard. It was definitely a difficult time,” Sims says.

The fitness guru and Paltrow first met when Anderson worked with the Shakespeare in Love actress seven years ago, after Paltrow’s first pregnancy with daughter Apple. Like a proud mother, Gwyneth is super excited about their business collaboration and says, “It’s a big day for us.”

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The new fitness center is not Gwyneth’s first dip into the health conscious pond. Known for her strict and somewhat extreme diet and lifestyle which is depicted in her popular blog, and most recently in her new cookbook, It’s All Good -- which hit bookstores April 4.

Kim K. recently started working with Anderson which the workout phenom describes as the perfect client – easy to work with, without any demands. Anderson who struggled with significant weight gain during her own pregnancies - and which inspired the Pregnancy Project, a routine curtailed for prenatal women- can relate to Kim’s strife but is appalled by the way Kardashian’s weight gain is being treated in both the public and private sector.

“I am so excited for her as a young mom and I keep emailing her to relax and enjoy it. Gain the weight (because) I can get you back from that. I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s horrible. I gained 40 pounds with my first, 60 pounds with my second…nobody knows what it is like to bring a life into this world.”