Buzzmakers: Heidi's Rescue & Khloe Defends Kim

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Buzzmakers: Heidi's Rescue & Khloe Defends Kim

What had ETonline readers buzzing this week?

1. Heidi Klum's Dramatic Beach Rescue

Heidi Klum and her family were enjoying a relaxing vacation in paradise when the supermodel/TV host quickly sprung into action Sunday, March 31, to rescue her oldest son Henry, who got caught up in a dangerous riptide at a beach on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Two of Klum's nannies also got into trouble and had to be helped from the water.

In a statement to ET Monday, Heidi said, "We got pulled into the ocean by a big wave. Of course, as a mother, I was very scared for my child and everyone else in the water. Henry is a strong swimmer and was able to swim back to land. We were able to get everyone out safely."

2. Khloe Kardashian Calls Criticism of Pregnant Kim 'Disgusting'

Khloe Kardashian stuck up for her pregnant sister Kim in the wake of reports that have criticized her weight gain and recent wardrobe choices and told ET exclusively that she finds such criticism "disgusting."

"Honestly, I think it's so disgusting that anybody would criticize someone that's pregnant," the reality star told ET while attending a launch party launch for McDonald's new Premium McWrap sandwich. "You should be enjoying your pregnancy, and eating what you want -- Kim is healthy and works out and does everything in moderation," Khloe added. "I think it's disgusting anyone would pick on anyone's weight -- especially a pregnant person."

Also speaking to ET at the event was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, who said she agrees that the criticism of Kim's pregnancy has been "a little bit harsh." But Brandi added: "When you live your life on reality TV, that's what you sign up for."

3. 'Buckwild' Star Shain Gandee Dies

Buckwild star Shain Gandee, 21, his uncle David Gandee, 48, and Robert Myers, 27, were found dead in a vehicle in the Sissonville area of Kanawha County, West Virginia, Kawaha County Commissioner Kent Carpenter said.

According to the Kawaha County Sheriff's Office, a friend searching for Shain discovered three unresponsive people within an overturned vehicle in the mud Monday morning. Emergency responders converged on the Wolf Pen Road area in Sissonville after reports that a vehicle had been discovered.

All three bodies were removed from the vehicle and taken to the Office of the Medical Examiner. According to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office's autopsy report, the manner of death is accidental and the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gandee and his uncle were reported missing last night, and were last seen at Larry's Bar in Sissonville at 3 a.m. According to a Kanawha County Sheriff's Office press release, Shain and his uncle said they were going four-wheeling in Shain's Ford Bronco, but no one knew where they planned to ride, or the direction in which they left.

Buckwild, a show following an outrageous group of childhood friends from the rural foothills of West Virginia, with the carefree motto "whatever happens, happens," ran for one season on MTV.

It was announced on February 6, 2013 that Buckwild will be returning for a second season. However, due to the unfortunate events, MTV just halted production on its second season, a spokeswoman told TheWrap.

"We are shocked and saddened by the terrible news about Shain Gandee, and those involved in this tragic incident," MTV said in a statement. "We are waiting for more information but at this time, our main concern is for the Gandee family and their friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Shain had a magnetic personality, with a passion for life that touched everyone he met and we will miss him dearly."

4. Wynonna Judd Eliminated From 'DWTS'

Dancing with the Stars suffered its first involuntary elimination on Tuesday night. Although she was thoroughly enjoying her time in the ballroom, Wynonna Judd was the one who was given the axe. After the show, she was visibly upset and disappointed to have been ousted from the show.

"I'm numb, I'm sad, and that was the best goodbye I've ever had," the country singer said backstage after her elimination. "Everyone hugged me like I was part of a group that I had nothing in common with coming in and yet we bonded so quickly. I'm going to miss it like crazy."

Although Judd received the week's lowest score of 15 out of 30, the elimination nevertheless came as a surprise to the majority of the cast. She had also received low scores in the first elimination week but managed to avoid being placed in the Bottom Two because of her strong fan base.

"I think it's shocking," said Karina Smirnoff, who is paired with NFL wide receiver Jacoby Jones this season. "Fan bases are very important and country fans are some of the biggest fan bases you can have. To see Wynonna go—Wynonna Judd—I mean, that's crazy. I didn't think she was going to be in the Bottom Two for a long time."

Judd's fellow country star Kellie Pickler, who has been on the other end of the leader board for the first three weeks of Dancing's sixteenth season, was disappointed to lose her but asserted that she'll be fine in the long run.

"It's devastating to see anybody go home, especially my country girl, but Wynonna is a legend. She is country music royalty. I mean, this is not the end of the road by [any] means," Pickler said.

Although she was dabbing away tears with the tips of her fingers, Judd made it clear that she wouldn't be down for too long despite her premature elimination.

"...I'm a fighter. I've been doing this thirty years," she said. "This is not the first time I've been kicked, but I keep getting back up and I keep showing up."

Judd's professional partner, Tony Dovolani, was noticeably emotional as well. After winning the Mirrorball Trophy with Melissa Rycroft last season, he just experienced his third-worst outcome in his fifteen seasons on Dancing.

"From the hugs, from the incredible talks that we've had, from the incredible laughs that we've had, there's nothing really I won't miss," Dovolani said of Judd as she blotted her tears. "This woman's special to me. I know I have a lifelong friend."

5. First Look at Rihanna's Highly Criticized 777 Tour

FOX is taking fans inside Rihanna's 777 tour, but if you were paying attention to the blogs and magazines when this was being filmed in Nov. 2012, the writers asked to attend this musical journey painted a very different picture than this recent promo.

Airing Monday, May 6, the film "gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Rihanna's unprecedented globetrotting concert tour that hit seven countries in seven days with seven shows to promote her seventh album."

Journalists and fans alike were invited to join the tour and board a 777 jet, but the pop star didn't get the press she expected. The conditions were reportedly so bad that a New York Times critic was tweeting #FreeTheRihanna150," while Us magazine editor Ian Drew referred to it as "Plane-a-Geddon."

"You also start hoarding packaged foods, because you're low-grade hungry all the time but never hungry enough at the right time," Mary H. K. Choi of New York Magazine wrote of the experience. "We land just as the sun sets, and seasonal affective disorder kicks us in the teeth. That and Stockholm syndrome. Tonight is the first time we’ll be sleeping in beds. A hotel bathroom with hot water is a big deal."

Choi concluded her article by saying of the 25-year-old singer: "Rihanna emerges and spouts some malarkey about being sick. 'Usually I would be back here, partying my balls off, with you. But I had to take care of my health.' There is a cute little cough."