Flashback: Jaden's Awkward First Kiss

Flashback: Jaden's Awkward First Kiss

Before he was a rapper, actor, and teenage heartthrob- Jaden Smith, the 14-years-young multi-talented spawn of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is due to team up with his father in another film, After Earth, he was a 10-year-old feeling shy and awkward about his first kiss.

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'It one of the most awkward things that I have ever done in the 11 years of being on this planet,' Jaden tells former ET correspondent and current omg! Insider co-host Kevin Frasier. 'We had security keep my mom in the tent so she wouldn't come out acting crazy and my dad was on set but yeah that was very awkward.'

That first kiss happened in the remake of The Karate Kid back in 2010. Jaden stars opposite Kung Fu legend Jackie Chan in the film produced by his father, Will Smith. But this isn't the first collaboration of the father-son dream team. A wee 8- year-old Jaden made his acting debut and holds his own against his more seasoned father in the 2006 film, Pursuit of Happyness. When asked how he feels about his son's dive into acting, Will said he is very proud.

'What you do in the world is the center of self-esteem and you either create something that has value or you don't and these kids are really confident. They are working really hard and I am just keeping my fingers crossed to get through the teenage years.'

Teenage years that will no doubt be filled with lots of young lady callers in the case of Jaden, an issue the then 10-year-old says he was already having problems with.

'Sometimes it's hard for me because wherever I go I have to wear a hood and stuff,' Jaden said. ' If you just keep walking and don't make eye contact with anyone no one will recognize you, only a few people because they can tell by my dad's ears.'

And in the case of Jaden vs. Will in who works harder on set a humble Jaden says,

'While we were doing this movie(Karate Kid) he was the producer so he was eating cake and stuff,' Jaden jokes. 'But no we have our times when we train and we go hard when we do.'

They will have their chance to "go hard" yet again in the new film, After Earth. A now 14-year-old Jaden stars opposite Will in a world set1000 years in the future. Will plays General Cypher Raige who is returning home after an extended tour of duty to take a more active role in his estranged son's life, Kitai-Jaden's character. Things hit the fan when the spacecraft taking them back to Nova Prime - the 2.0 version of Earth- crashes and the pair land on an uninhabitable Earth forcing Kitai to have to step up and save his injured father.

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After Earth is due to hit theaters June 2013. And for more on the interview with Jaden in 2010, click on the video above.