Billy Cyrus on His Relationship with Miley

Billy Cyrus on His Relationship with Miley

Just ahead of the release of his tell-all, Hillbilly Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus opened up to ET about his complicated relationship with daughter Miley.

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"I hate to put him on blast, but he doesn't know what he's talking about," Miley, 20, said of her dad in November, following Billy Ray's quotes concerning her upcoming wedding.

Miley became engaged to Liam Hemsworth last year. Shortly thereafter, Billy Ray, 51, was quoted as saying that the young couple was planning multiple weddings.

In an interview with ET, Miley quickly forgave her dad for the flub and thanked him for the way that he raised her, but Billy told us that he may have been able to do better.

"I almost feel a little bit bad as a daddy saying it, but I've always been a better friend to Miley than I have been a daddy," Billy Cyrus admitted.

Hillbilly Heart is available next Tuesday.