Amanda Bynes: I Shaved My Head


Amanda Bynes: I Shaved My Head

Amanda Bynes has shed some light on her odd appearance as of late.

Lately, the 27-year-old star has been seen sporting an unnatural looking 'do while walking the streets of New York City, and on Wednesday explained (via Twitter) that she is currently growing out her hair after a nasty visit to the salon.

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"I had to shave my head because of hair damage," wrote Bynes in a tweet directed at a news source that recently published a picture of the actress she deemed unflattering.

"I'm not loving my paparazzi pics," she continued. "I have extensions but you can see them!"

Bynes later advised several gossip sites to only post the "best" photos of her with a caption that reads she's "walking around for exercise."

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Unless the blogs "have the stories and photos deleted of me from the Internet," she threatened to sue
"for all the lies you've all written in the past."