Lindsay Lohan Reacts to Letterman Interview


ET caught up with Lindsay Lohan at the Scary Movie 5 Hollywood premiere on Thursday night where the actress opened up about her controversial Late Show appearance.

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Letterman seemed to catch Lohan off guard with a flurry of surprise questions surrounding her upcoming rehab stint during Tuesday's much buzzed about interview, but the 26-year-old actress held her poise.

On Thursday, Lohan assured us that there were no hard feelings between her and the comedian, saying, "I love [Letterman]. I've known him since I was seven years old, when I was first on his show. So, I respect and appreciate him."

Later in their sit down, Letterman brought the starlet to tears when he commended her for having enough backbone to return to his show despite the jokes that they've made about her in the past.

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"I love seeing you," Lohan told the talk show host.

Lohan begins 90 days of rehab on May 2 as a part of a plea deal stuck in March that allowed her to avoid jail time.

Tune in to ET on Friday night for more of our interview with Lohan.