How Aretha Franklin Keeps in Good Shape at 71

How Aretha Franklin Keeps in Good Shape at 71

It's no mystery why Aretha Franklin is often referred to as the "Queen of Soul." Over five decades after she released her debut album, she still possesses her iconic soulful sound, which will soon be featured on yet another studio album. Now in her seventies, she explained how she keeps active and upbeat.

"I do a lot of walking," Franklin, who turned 71 in March, told ET Canada's Sangita Patel. "[I] walk and [maintain a good] diet and [drink] ... a lot of water."

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Franklin has experienced her share of health troubles over the years but has nevertheless been able to carry on with her legendary singing career. Forty-six years after she released her single "Respect," she is recording her 38th studio album.

"Babyface and Danger Mouse are producing my new CD and we are just about ready to go in the studio," Franklin said of the upcoming album.

After dozens of successful albums and the many accolades that have come with them, Franklin still enjoys singing, which is evidenced by her desire to keep recording new music.

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"Everything," the Detroit native said when asked what singing means to her. "[I] love singing. I can't think of anything [else] that I would be doing that I could enjoy better."

The singer's whimsical career will soon be adapted to the big screen with a biopic based upon her 1999 memoir Aretha: From These Roots.

Franklin originally desired to be portrayed by Halle Berry, but after Berry passed on the project, she and the production crew have turned their sights to a few actresses with some incredible musical talent.

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"We're down to about three people," Franklin said. "One of them is Audra McDonald, who just won her eighth and ninth Tony[s] on Broadway, and the other is Jennifer Hudson. Then, there is a surprise, [which] I'm not going to mention."

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