'Troublemaker' Olly Murs Makes Acting Debut

'Troublemaker' Olly Murs Makes Acting Debut

He made his debut as a singing sensation on the X Factor in the UK before crossing the pond with the latest US release of his Right Place, Right Time album, and now the multi-talented Troublemaker singer, Olly Murs, makes his debut as an actor in an episode of 90210.

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But Murs does not have to take off his singer-songwriter hat just yet. In the episode, The Empire State Strikes Back, Murs plays himself.

"It's pretty cool," Murs says of his guest role. "It's not necessarily acting, but it's a start in the right direction."

In the episode, Murs is invited to perform by Liam and Navid, played by Matt Lanter and Michael Steger consecutively. Liam and Navid recently started a surfboard company and in efforts to bring on their first sponsored surfer, they have to get the surfer's favorite singer to perform which just so happens to be, Olly Murs, who performs his hits, Troublemaker and Right Place, Right Time, in the episode.

"I've never acted before so it's fresh and new for me. I've done video shoots before and lots of videos but to actually be on set of an actual TV program is pretty cool."

Murs has already gained international success with over 4 million records sold and three No. 1 singles in the UK and has hits like Troublemaker and Heart Skips A Beat featuring Chiddy Bang climbing the charts in the US.

"Obviously when coming into the states, I am new. Nobody knows who I am yet. I've been building strides and the success has been great so far, and I've really enjoyed it. Here in the states it's about people getting to know who I am as a person."

When asked by ET if acting is the next step for him, Murs says, "I suppose so. I've always wanted to do acting. Maybe they [90210] can script me in as a UK guy that's come in to woo one of their ex-girlfriends and they all get to be jealous, heated. Yeah, that would be cool."

Also in this episode, ET's Nancy O'Dell makes a guest appearance as herself. Annie Wilson, played by Shenae Grimes, is outing herself about a scandalous secret on the set of ET.

Watch the video above for more from the set. And for the full episode, make sure to tune in Monday 9/8C on The CW. For more on Olly, you can check out his website: www.ollymurs.com.