Will Isla Fisher Ever Work With Hubby Sacha?

Will Isla Fisher Ever Work With Hubby Sacha?

Isla Fisher covers Gotham magazine's late spring issue, in which she opens up to fellow actress Kirsten Dunst about her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, working with Baz Luhrmann on his highly anticipated adaptation of The Great Gatsby and how having kids has changed her.

While she has previously remained tight-lipped on her marriage to Cohen, Fisher does talk about the controversial comedian to Dunst, revealing her favorite film of his.

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"Obviously, I’m a big fan of his. My favorite movie will always be Bruno, and my favorite line will always be when he looks up at the sky and goes, 'So many stars in the sky. Makes you think of all the hot guys in the world,'" she reveals. "So freaking random and funny."

She also says that she doesn't feel the need to collaborate professionally with her husband.

"Personally, I think we collaborate on enough behind closed doors. We're working on some really important collaborations, and I think that's more important."

Clearly she is referring to their family, which includes daughters Olive, 5, and Elula, 2. Though she took three years off to take care of them, she doesn't regret a second.

"It's not like you're taking a break and looking on IMDbPro to see your StarMeter falling. You're doing the most important, incredible thing. When you come back in, the perspective has changed," she explains. "I truly believe you can't have it all and you shouldn't want to."

Video: 'The Great Gatsby' Trailer

But Fisher is back with a vengeance, starring in two highly anticipated films -- Now You See Me and The Great Gatsby. She admits to being particularly intimidated on the star-studded set of The Great Gatsby.

"It was thrilling and terrifying. Given the caliber of the director and cast on Gatsby, I definitely felt out of my comfort zone," she says. "I did feel like I was going to be called out and sent home at some point -- you always feel very insecure, at least I do. ... I will say this about Baz -- he's a perfectionist, so you relax because you know he's thought of everything. Everybody cares on a Baz Luhrmann film set because everyone is so effing grateful to be there."

Check out the video to see Fisher strike a few poses in beautiful vintage-inspired dresses on her Gotham photo shoot in honor of the film, out May 10.