Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Raided For Pot

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Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Raided For Pot

Justin Bieber's tour bus reeked of marijuana, according to police Stockholm, Sweden, which led to law enforcement raiding it. However, Bieber's people have a different story.

A Stockholm Police press officer tells ET that at 7:10 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, police smelled marijuana outside the Girlfriend singer's tour bus that was parked at his hotel. At this time, 10 people were said to be on the bus, including Bieber.

From there, the police called the local narcotic unit who followed Bieber's bus to the Globe Arena. When the bus was parked in the garage, the unit raided it while the pop singer and his crew were inside at the concert. Despite prior reports, police say no one was on the bus at the time of the search.

According to the press officer, the unit found a small amount of narcotics as well as a stun gun, both of which are illegal in Stockholm. As of late, there are no suspects and no one has been interrogated. The investigation is still ongoing and the narcotics were sent to a laboratory for analysis.

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That all being said, a source in Bieber's camp tells ET that the report is "inaccurate" and "the cops found nothing and left. No violations. Nothing."

Bieber also tweeted on Thursday, April 25, 2013, writing: "Some of the rumors about me. ...where do people even get this stuff. whatever ...back to the music."

The Baby singer has since left Stockholm and is now reportedly in Helsinki.